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Open calls – Research grants

The DSFTM has opened one position. The deadline for presentation is 22 August 2018. Attached documentation is in Italian. AR DSFTM 002 2018 2018 2018 is one of the main Italian National Conferences on Materials Science and Technology. It will be held from October 22nd to 26th, 2018 in Bologna at the CNR Continue Reading →

X-ray and neutron science international student summer programme at ILL / ESRF Grenoble, France

SEPTEMBER 2 – 29, 2018 The ILL/ESRF International Student Summer Programme on X-Ray and Neutron Science, aimed at undergraduate students, will be organised at the European Photon & Neutron Science Continue Reading →

Sapienza Università di Roma, Cattedra “Enrico Fermi”

In the Academic Year 2017-18, the lectures “Enrico Fermi” will be given by Prof. Francesco Sette, Director General of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble. The 15 lectures Continue Reading →

E-MRS Spring Meeting 2017, Symposium F

The 2017 E-MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit will be held in the Convention Centre of Strasbourg (France), from May 22 to 26, 2017. The conference will consist of 26 parallel Continue Reading →

2017 MRS Spring Meeting: Symposium ED11 – Phase-Change Materials and Their Applications- Memories, Photonics, Displays and Non-von Neumann Computing

The 2017 MRS Spring Meeting will be held in Phenix, Arizona, from April 17-21 and will cover advances in devices for optical and electronic applications, as well as in material Continue Reading →