A selection of papers

Advances in attosecond science

Calegari F., Sansone G., Stagira S., Vozzi C., Nisoli M.
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics – 2016

Bipolar Patterning of Polymer Membranes by Pyroelectrification

Rega R., Gennari O., Mecozzi L., Grilli S., Pagliarulo V., Ferraro P.
Advanced Materials – 2016

Black diamond for solar energy conversion

Calvani P., Bellucci A., Girolami M., Orlando S., Valentini V., Polini R., Trucchi D.M.
Carbon – 2016

Catalyst Composition Tuning: The Key for the Growth of Straight Axial Nanowire Heterostructures with Group III Interchange

Zannier V., Ercolani D., Gomes U.P., David J., Gemmi M., Dubrovskii V.G., Sorba L.
Nano Letters – 2016

Catalytic Proton Dynamics at the Water/Solid Interface of Ceria-Supported Pt Clusters

Farnesi Camellone M., Negreiros Ribeiro F., Szabova L., Tateyama Y., Fabris S.
Journal of the American Chemical Society – 2016

Chromogenic device for cystic fibrosis precocious diagnosis: A “”point of care”” tool for sweat test

De Matteis V., Cannavale A., Blasi L., Quarta A., Gigli G.
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical – 2016

Coherent control with a short-wavelength free-electron laser

Prince K.C., Allaria E., Callegari C., Cucini R., De Ninno G., Di Mitri S., Diviacco B., Ferrari E., Finetti P., Gauthier D., Giannessi L., Mahne N., Penco G., Plekan O., Raimondi L., Rebernik P., Roussel E., Svetina C., Trovo M., Zangrando M., Negro M., Carpeggiani P., Reduzzi M., Sansone G., Grum-Grzhimailo A.N., Gryzlova E.V., Strakhova S.I., Bartschat K., Douguet N., Venzke J., Iablonskyi D., Kumagai Y., Takanashi T., Ueda K., Fischer A., Coreno M., Stienkemeier F., Ovcharenko Y., Mazza T., Meyer M.
Nature Photonics – 2016

Contamination-free suspended graphene structures by a Ti-based transfer method

Matruglio A., Nappini S., Naumenko D., Magnano E., Bondino F., Lazzarino M., Dal Zilio S.
Carbon – 2016

Control of Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling Pathway in Vivo via Light Responsive Capsules

Ambrosone A., Marchesano V., Carregal-Romero S., Intartaglia D., Parak W.J., Tortiglione C.
ACS Nano – 2016

Effect of Orbital Hybridization on Spin-Polarized Tunneling across Co/C60 Interfaces

Wang K., Strambini E., Sanderink J.G.M., Bolhuis T., Van Der Wiel W.G., De Jong M.P.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces – 2016

Electric-Field-Controlled Alignment of Rod-Shaped Fluorescent Nanocrystals in Smectic Liquid Crystal Defect Arrays

Gryn I., Lacaze E., Carbone L., Giocondo M., Zappone B.
Advanced Functional Materials – 2016

Energy Exchange in Driven Open Quantum Systems at Strong Coupling

Carrega M., Solinas P., Sassetti M., Weiss U.
Physical Review Letters – 2016

Experimental observation of controllable kinetic constraints in a cold atomic gas

Valado M.M., Simonelli C., Hoogerland M.D., Lesanovsky I., Garrahan J.P., Arimondo E., Ciampini D., Morsch O.
Physical Review A – Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics – 2016

Facile synthesis of Ni nanofoam for flexible and low-cost non-enzymatic glucose sensing

Iwu K.O., Lombardo A., Sanz R., Scirè S., Mirabella S.
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical – 2016

Floquet topological system based on frequency-modulated classical coupled harmonic oscillators

Salerno G., Ozawa T., Price H.M., Carusotto I.
Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics – 2016

Forthcoming perspectives of photoelectrochromic devices: A critical review

Cannavale A., Cossari P., Eperon G.E., Colella S., Fiorito F., Gigli G., Snaith H.J., Listorti A.
Energy and Environmental Science – 2016

Forward electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing of optical microlenses on microfluidic devices

Vespini V., Coppola S., Todino M., Paturzo M., Bianco V., Grilli S., Ferraro P.
Lab on a Chip – Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology – 2016

Frequency stability characterization of a quantum cascade laser frequency comb

Cappelli F., Campo G., Galli I., Giusfredi G., Bartalini S., Mazzotti D., Cancio P., Borri S., Hinkov B., Faist J., De Natale P.
Laser and Photonics Reviews – 2016

Gate-Tunable Spatial Modulation of Localized Plasmon Resonances

Arcangeli A., Rossella F., Tomadin A., Xu J., Ercolani D., Sorba L., Beltram F., Tredicucci A., Polini M., Roddaro S.
Nano Letters – 2016

GHz Electroluminescence Modulation in Nanoscale Subwavelength Emitters

Rossella F., Piazza V., Rocci M., Ercolani D., Sorba L., Beltram F., Roddaro S.
Nano Letters – 2016

Highly Disordered Array of Silicon Nanowires: An Effective and Scalable Approach for Performing and Flexible Electrochemical Biosensors

Maiolo L., Polese D., Pecora A., Fortunato G., Shacham-Diamand Y., Convertino A.
Advanced Healthcare Materials – 2016

Local equilibrium in bird flocks

Mora T., Walczak A.M., Del Castello L., Ginelli F., Melillo S., Parisi L., Viale M., Cavagna A., Giardina I.
Nature Physics – 2016

Low electron-polar optical phonon scattering as a fundamental aspect of carrier mobility in methylammonium lead halide CH3NH3PbI3 perovskites

Filippetti A., Mattoni A., Caddeo C., Saba M.I., Delugas P.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics – 2016

Low temperature atomic layer deposition of ZnO: Applications in photocatalysis

Di Mauro A., Cantarella M., Nicotra G., Privitera V., Impellizzeri G.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental – 2016

Low-temperature quantum transport in CVD-grown single crystal graphene

Xiang S., Miseikis V., Planat L., Guiducci S., Roddaro S., Coletti C., Beltram F., Heun S.
Nano Research – 2016

Metal-Insulator Transition Driven by Vacancy Ordering in GeSbTe Phase Change Materials

Bragaglia V., Arciprete F., Zhang W., Mio A.M., Zallo E., Perumal K., Giussani A., Cecchi S., Boschker J.E., Riechert H., Privitera S., Rimini E., Mazzarello R., Calarco R.
Scientific Reports – 2016

Micropatterning control of tubular commitment in human adult renal stem cells

Sciancalepore A.G., Portone A., Moffa M., Persano L., De Luca M., Paiano A., Sallustio F., Schena F.P., Bucci C., Pisignano D.
Biomaterials – 2016

Multiwalled nanotube faceting unravelled

Leven I., Guerra R., Vanossi A., Tosatti E., Hod O.
Nature Nanotechnology – 2016

Nano Superconducting Quantum Interference device: A powerful tool for nanoscale investigations

Granata C., Vettoliere A.
Physics Reports – 2016

Nanoscale phase engineering of thermal transport with a Josephson heat modulator

Fornieri A., Blanc C., Bosisio R., D’Ambrosio S., Giazotto F.
Nature Nanotechnology – 2016

New porous water ice metastable at atmospheric pressure obtained by emptying a hydrogen-filled ice

Del Rosso L., Celli M., Ulivi L.
Nature Communications – 2016

Non equilibrium vibrational assisted dissociation and ionization mechanisms in cold CO2 plasmas

Pietanza L.D., Colonna G., D’Ammando G., Laricchiuta A., Capitelli M.
Chemical Physics – 2016

Ozone-Based Sequential Infiltration Synthesis of Al2O3 Nanostructures in Symmetric Block Copolymer

Frascaroli J., Cianci E., Spiga S., Seguini G., Perego M.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces – 2016

Photo-induced bandgap renormalization governs the ultrafast response of single-layer MoS2

Pogna E.A.A., Marsili M., De Fazio D., Dal Conte S., Manzoni C., Sangalli D., Yoon D., Lombardo A., Ferrari A.C., Marini A., Cerullo G., Prezzi D.
ACS Nano – 2016

Programmable Extreme Chirality in the Visible by Helix-Shaped Metamaterial Platform

Esposito M., Tasco V., Todisco F., Cuscunà M., Benedetti A., Scuderi M., Nicotra G., Passaseo A.
Nano Letters – 2016

Quantifying the Plasmonic Character of Optical Excitations in Nanostructures

Bursi L., Calzolari A., Corni S., Molinari E.
ACS Photonics – 2016

Quantum phase transitions with parity-symmetry breaking and hysteresis

Trenkwalder A., Spagnolli G., Semeghini G., Coop S., Landini M., Castilho P., Pezzè L., Modugno G., Inguscio M., Smerzi A., Fattori M.
Nature Physics – 2016

Quasi noise-free digital holography

Bianco V., Memmolo P., Paturzo M., Finizio A., Javidi B., Ferraro P.
Light: Science and Applications – 2016

Radiative mechanism and surface modification of four visible deep level defect states in ZnO nanorods

Barbagiovanni E.G., Reitano R., Franzò G., Strano V., Terrasi A., Mirabella S.
Nanoscale – 2016

Raman Fingerprints of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons

Verzhbitskiy I.A., De Corato M., Ruini A., Molinari E., Narita A., Hu Y., Schwab M.G., Bruna M., Yoon D., Milana S., Feng X., Mòllen K., Ferrari A.C., Casiraghi C., Prezzi D.
Nano Letters – 2016

Rapid synthesis of photoactive hydrogenated TiO2 nanoplumes

Scuderi V., Impellizzeri G., Zimbone M., Sanz R., Di Mauro A., Buccheri M.A., Miritello M., Terrasi A., Rappazzo G., Nicotra G., Privitera V.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental – 2016

Relay-Like Exchange Mechanism through a Spin Radical between TbPc2 Molecules and Graphene/Ni(111) Substrates

Marocchi S., Candini A., Klar D., Van Den Heuvel W., Huang H., Troiani F., Corradini V., Biagi R., De Renzi V., Klyatskaya S., Kummer K., Brookes N.B., Ruben M., Wende H., Del Pennino U., Soncini A., Affronte M., Bellini V.
ACS Nano – 2016

Selective plane illumination microscopy on a chip

Paiè P., Bragheri F., Bassi A., Osellame R.
Lab on a Chip – Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology – 2016

Self-Assembly of Micromachining Systems Powered by Janus Micromotors

Maggi C., Simmchen J., Saglimbeni F., Katuri J., Dipalo M., De Angelis F., Sanchez S., Di Leonardo R.
Small – 2016

Shear Piezoelectricity in Poly(vinylidenefluoride-co-trifluoroethylene): Full Piezotensor Coefficients by Molecular Modeling, Biaxial Transverse Response, and Use in Suspended Energy-Harvesting Nanostructures

Persano L., Catellani A., Dagdeviren C., Ma Y., Guo X., Huang Y., Calzolari A., Pisignano D.
Advanced Materials – 2016

Slider thickness promotes lubricity: From 2D islands to 3D clusters

Guerra R., Tosatti E., Vanossi A.
Nanoscale – 2016

Spontaneous bidirectional ordering of CH3NH3 + in lead iodide perovskites at room temperature: The origins of the tetragonal phase

Deretzis I., Di Mauro B.N., Alberti A., Pellegrino G., Smecca E., La Magna A.
Scientific Reports – 2016

Stability of solution-processed MAPbI3 and FAPbI3 layers

Smecca E., Numata Y., Deretzis I., Pellegrino G., Boninelli S., Miyasaka T., La Magna A., Alberti A.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics – 2016

Strategy and criteria to optically design a solar concentration plant

Jafrancesco D., Sansoni P., Francini F., Fontani D.
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews – 2016

Synthetic dimensions in integrated photonics: From optical isolation to four-dimensional quantum Hall physics

Ozawa T., Price H.M., Goldman N., Zilberberg O., Carusotto I.
Physical Review A – Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics – 2016

Temperature Evolution of Methylammonium Trihalide Vibrations at the Atomic Scale

Mattoni A., Filippetti A., Saba M.I., Caddeo C., Delugas P.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – 2016

The omega-SQUIPT as a tool to phase-engineer Josephson topological materials

Strambini E., D’Ambrosio S., Vischi F., Bergeret F.S., Nazarov Y.V., Giazotto F.
Nature Nanotechnology – 2016

The Bright Side of Perovskites

Colella S., Mazzeo M., Rizzo A., Gigli G., Listorti A.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – 2016

The optical frequency comb fibre spectrometer

Coluccelli N., Cassinerio M., Redding B., Cao H., Laporta P., Galzerano G.
Nature Communications – 2016

The road towards polaritonic devices

Sanvitto D., Kena-Cohen S.
Nature Materials – 2016

The spreading of misinformation online

Vicario M.D., Bessi A., Zollo F., Petroni F., Scala A., Caldarelli G., Stanley H.E., Quattrociocchi W.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America – 2016

Thermally Activated Point Defect Diffusion in Methylammonium Lead Trihalide: Anisotropic and Ultrahigh Mobility of Iodine

Delugas P., Caddeo C., Filippetti A., Mattoni A.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – 2016

A competitive amino-carboxylic hydrogen bond on a gold surface

Feng Z., Castellarin Cudia C., Floreano L., Morgante A., Comelli G., Dri C., Cossaro A.
Chemical Communications – 2015

A versatile clearing agent for multi-modal brain imaging

Costantini I., Ghobril J.-P., Di Giovanna A.P., Allegra Mascaro A.L., Silvestri L., Mòllenbroich M.C., Onofri L., Conti V., Vanzi F., Sacconi L., Guerrini R., Markram H., Iannello G., Pavone F.S.
Scientific Reports – 2015

Active polymer nanofibers for photonics, electronics, energy generation and micromechanics

Persano L., Camposeo A., Pisignano D.
Progress in Polymer Science – 2015

An integrated optofluidic device for single-cell sorting driven by mechanical properties

Yang T., Paiè P., Nava G., Bragheri F., Vazquez R.M., Minzioni P., Veglione M., Di Tano M., Mondello C., Osellame R., Cristiani I.
Lab on a Chip – Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology – 2015

Atomistic origins of CH3NH3PbI3 degradation to PbI2 in vacuum

Deretzis I., Alberti A., Pellegrino G., Smecca E., Giannazzo F., Sakai N., Miyasaka T., La Magna A.
Applied Physics Letters – 2015

Black Phosphorus Terahertz Photodetectors

Viti L., Hu J., Coquillat D., Dr., Knap W., Prof., Tredicucci A., Prof., Politano A., Dr., Vitiello M.S.
Advanced Materials – 2015

Controlling the self-assembly of periodic defect patterns in smectic liquid crystal films with electric fields

Gryn I., Lacaze E., Bartolino R., Zappone B.
Advanced Functional Materials – 2015

Conversion of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid over Au-based catalysts: Optimization of active phase and metal-support interaction

Albonetti S., Lolli A., Morandi V., Migliori A., Lucarelli C., Cavani F.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental – 2015

darker-than-black”” PbS quantum dots: Enhancing optical absorption of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals via short conjugated ligands

Giansante C., Infante I., Fabiano E., Grisorio R., Suranna G.P., Gigli G.
Journal of the American Chemical Society – 2015

Design and synthesis of fluorenone-based dyes: Two-photon excited fluorescent probes for imaging of lysosomes and mitochondria in living cells

Capodilupo A.L., Vergaro V., Fabiano E., De Giorgi M., Baldassarre F., Cardone A., Maggiore A., Maiorano V., Sanvitto D., Gigli G., Ciccarella G.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B – 2015

Disorder in photonic structures induced by random layer thickness

Chiasera A., Scotognella F., Criante L., Varas S., Valle G.D., Ramponi R., Ferrari M.
Science of Advanced Materials – 2015

Dynamics of a cold quantum gas

Ferrari G.
Science – 2015

Effect of mesostructured layer upon crystalline properties and device performance on perovskite solar cells

Listorti A., Juarez-Perez E.J., Frontera C., Roiati V., Garcia-Andrade L., Colella S., Rizzo A., Ortiz P., Mora-Sero I.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – 2015

Effects of Lithium Niobate Polarization on Cell Adhesion and Morphology

Marchesano V., Gennari O., Mecozzi L., Grilli S., Ferraro P.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces – 2015

Effects of Thermal Fluctuations on the Hydroxylation and Reduction of Ceria Surfaces by Molecular H2

Negreiros F.R., Camellone M.F., Fabris S.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C – 2015

Electric-Field Control of the Orbital Occupancy and Magnetic Moment of a Transition-Metal Oxide

Preziosi D., Alexe M., Hesse D., Salluzzo M.
Physical Review Letters – 2015

Electronic polymers and soft-matter-like broken symmetries in underdoped cuprates

Capati M., Caprara S., Di Castro C., Grilli M., Seibold G., Lorenzana J.
Nature Communications – 2015

Electrospun amplified fiber optics

Morello G., Camposeo A., Moffa M., Pisignano D.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces – 2015

Entropy-Suppressed Ferroelectricity in Hybrid Lead-Iodide Perovskites

Filippetti A., Delugas P., Saba M.I., Mattoni A.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – 2015

Epidemic processes in complex networks

Pastor-Satorras R., Castellano C., Van Mieghem P., Vespignani A.
Reviews of Modern Physics – 2015

Exciton-Plasmon Coupling Enhancement via Metal Oxidation

Todisco F., D’Agostino S., Esposito M., Fernandez-Domònguez A.I., De Giorgi M., Ballarini D., Dominici L., Tarantini I., Cuscunà M., Della Sala F., Gigli G., Sanvitto D.
ACS Nano – 2015

Experimental evidence of replica symmetry breaking in random lasers

Ghofraniha N., Viola I., Di Maria F., Barbarella G., Gigli G., Leuzzi L., Conti C.
Nature Communications – 2015

Far-infrared radiative properties of water vapor and clouds in Antarctica

Palchetti L., Bianchini G., Di Natale G., Del Guasta M.
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society – 2015

Ferroelectric polarization of CH<inf>3</inf>NH<inf>3</inf>PbI<inf>3</inf>: A detailed study based on density functional theory and symmetry mode analysis

Stroppa A., Quarti C., De Angelis F., Picozzi S.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – 2015

Four-Dimensional Quantum Hall Effect with Ultracold Atoms

Price H.M., Zilberberg O., Ozawa T., Carusotto I., Goldman N.
Physical Review Letters – 2015

Frequency comb generation in quadratic nonlinear media

Ricciardi I., Mosca S., Parisi M., Maddaloni P., Santamaria L., De Natale P., De Rosa M.
Physical Review A – Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics – 2015

Frictional transition from superlubric islands to pinned monolayers

Pierno M., Bruschi L., Mistura G., Paolicelli G., Di Bona A., Valeri S., Guerra R., Vanossi A., Tosatti E.
Nature Nanotechnology – 2015

Graphene oxide and titania hybrid Nafion membranes for efficient removal of methyl orange dye from water

Filice S., D’Angelo D., Libertino S., Nicotera I., Kosma V., Privitera V., Scalese S.
Carbon – 2015

Graphene, related two-dimensional crystals, and hybrid systems for energy conversion and storage

Bonaccorso F., Colombo L., Yu G., Stoller M., Tozzini V., Ferrari A.C., Ruoff R.S., Pellegrini V.
Science – 2015

Growing perovskite into polymers for easy-processable optoelectronic devices

Masi S., Colella S., Listorti A., Roiati V., Liscio A., Palermo V., Rizzo A., Gigli G.
Scientific Reports – 2015

How soft repulsion enhances the depletion mechanism

Rovigatti L., Gnan N., Parola A., Zaccarelli E.
Soft Matter – 2015

Insights into the effects of metal nanostructuring and oxidation on the work function and charge transfer of metal/graphene hybrids

Giangregorio M.M., Jiao W., Bianco G.V., Capezzuto P., Brown A.S., Bruno G., Losurdo M.
Nanoscale – 2015

Interfacing proteins with graphitic nanomaterials: From spontaneous attraction to tailored assemblies

De Leo F., Magistrato A., Bonifazi D.
Chemical Society Reviews – 2015

Josephson effect in fermionic superfluids across the BEC-BCS crossover

Valtolina G., Burchianti A., Andrea Amico, Elettra Neri, Xhani K., Seman J.A., Trombettoni A., Smerzi A., Zaccanti M., Inguscio M., Roati G.
Science – 2015

Large Phase-by-Phase Modulations in Atomic Interfaces

Artoni M., Zavatta A.
Physical Review Letters – 2015

Light-Fueled Microscopic Walkers

Zeng H., Wasylczyk P., Parmeggiani C., Martella D., Burresi M., Wiersma D.S.
Advanced Materials – 2015

Measurement of the mobility edge for 3D Anderson localization

Semeghini G., Landini M., Castilho P., Roy S., Spagnolli G., Trenkwalder A., Fattori M., Inguscio M., Modugno G.
Nature Physics – 2015

Mechanisms and processes of pulsed laser ablation in liquids during nanoparticle production

Dell’Aglio M., Gaudiuso R., De Pascale O., De Giacomo A.
Applied Surface Science – 2015

Metal oxide semiconductors for dye- and quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells

Concina I., Vomiero A.
Small – 2015

Metal-Enhanced Near-Infrared Fluorescence by Micropatterned Gold Nanocages

Camposeo A., Persano L., Manco R., Wang Y., Del Carro P., Zhang C., Li Z.-Y., Pisignano D., Xia Y.
ACS Nano – 2015

Methylammonium fragmentation in amines as source of localized trap levels and the healing role of Cl in hybrid lead-iodide perovskites

Delugas P., Filippetti A., Mattoni A.
Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics – 2015

Methylammonium Rotational Dynamics in Lead Halide Perovskite by Classical Molecular Dynamics: The Role of Temperature

Mattoni A., Filippetti A., Saba M.I., Delugas P.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C – 2015

Micromotors with asymmetric shape that efficiently convert light into work by thermocapillary effects

Maggi C., Saglimbeni F., Dipalo M., De Angelis F., Di Leonardo R.
Nature Communications – 2015

Mode matching in multiresonant plasmonic nanoantennas for enhanced second harmonic generation

Celebrano M., Wu X., Baselli M., Grossmann S., Biagioni P., Locatelli A., De Angelis C., Cerullo G., Osellame R., Hecht B., Duò L., Ciccacci F., Finazzi M.
Nature Nanotechnology – 2015

Molecular doping applied to Si nanowires array based solar cells

Puglisi R.A., Garozzo C., Bongiorno C., Di Franco S., Italia M., Mannino G., Scalese S., La Magna A.
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells – 2015

Molecular-level switching of polymer/nanocrystal non-covalent interactions and application in hybrid solar cells

Giansante C., Mastria R., Lerario G., Moretti L., Kriegel I., Scotognella F., Lanzani G., Carallo S., Esposito M., Biasiucci M., Rizzo A., Gigli G.
Advanced Functional Materials – 2015

MRNA delivery using non-viral PCL nanoparticles

Palamà I.E., Cortese B., D’Amone S., Gigli G.
Biomaterials Science – 2015

Multidimensional stationary probability distribution for interacting active particles

Maggi C., Marconi U.M.B., Gnan N., Di Leonardo R.
Scientific Reports – 2015

Multifunctional Polymer Nanofibers: UV Emission, Optical Gain, Anisotropic Wetting, and High Hydrophobicity for Next Flexible Excitation Sources

Morello G., Manco R., Moffa M., Persano L., Camposeo A., Pisignano D.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces – 2015

Nanoscale 3D chiral plasmonic helices with circular dichroism at visible frequencies

Esposito M., Tasco V., Cuscunà M., Todisco F., Benedetti A., Tarantini I., Giorgi M.D., Sanvitto D., Passaseo A.
ACS Photonics – 2015

Nanostructured ZnO chemical gas sensors

Galstyan V., Comini E., Baratto C., Faglia G., Sberveglieri G.
Ceramics International – 2015

Nonequilibrium fluctuations as a distinctive feature of weak localization

Barone C., Romeo F., Pagano S., Attanasio C., Carapella G., Cirillo C., Galdi A., Grimaldi G., Guarino A., Leo A., Nigro A., Sabatino P.
Scientific Reports – 2015

Nonlocal homogenization theory in metamaterials: Effective electromagnetic spatial dispersion and artificial chirality

Ciattoni A., Rizza C.
Physical Review B – Condensed Matter and Materials Physics – 2015

Nonrelativistic Dynamics of the Amplitude (Higgs) Mode in Superconductors

Cea T., Castellani C., Seibold G., Benfatto L.
Physical Review Letters – 2015

Observation of chiral edge states with neutral fermions in synthetic Hall ribbons

Mancini M., Pagano G., Cappellini G., Livi L., Rider M., Catani J., Sias C., Zoller P., Inguscio M., Dalmonte M., Fallani L.
Science – 2015

Observation of Noise-Assisted Transport in an All-Optical Cavity-Based Network

Viciani S., Lima M., Bellini M., Caruso F.
Physical Review Letters – 2015

Oligopeptide-heavy metal interaction monitoring by hybrid gold nanoparticle based assay

Politi J., Spadavecchia J., Iodice M., de Stefano L.
The Analyst – 2015

Optical, electrical, and electromechanical properties of hybrid graphene/carbon nanotube films

Kholmanov I.N., Magnuson C.W., Piner R., Kim J.-Y., Aliev A.E., Tan C., Kim T.Y., Zakhidov A.A., Sberveglieri G., Baughman R.H., Ruoff R.S.
Advanced Materials – 2015

Optoelectronic properties and color chemistry of native point defects in Al:ZnO transparent conductive oxide

Catellani A., Ruini A., Calzolari A.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C – 2015

Optofluidic holographic microscopy with custom field of view (FoV) using a linear array detector

Bianco V., Paturzo M., Marchesano V., Gallotta I., Di Schiavi E., Ferraro P.
Lab on a Chip – Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology – 2015

Organic-inorganic hybrids: From magnetic perovskite metal(II) halides to multifunctional metal(II) phosphonates

Bellitto C., Bauer E.M., Righini G.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews – 2015

Pb/InAs nanowire josephson junction with high critical current and magnetic flux focusing

Paajaste J., Amado M., Roddaro S., Bergeret F.S., Ercolani D., Sorba L., Giazotto F.
Nano Letters – 2015

Photocatalytical and antibacterial activity of TiO2 nanoparticles obtained by laser ablation in water

Zimbone M., Buccheri M.A., Cacciato G., Sanz R., Rappazzo G., Boninelli S., Reitano R., Romano L., Privitera V., Grimaldi M.G.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental – 2015

Photoluminescence transient study of surface defects in ZnO nanorods grown by chemical bath deposition

Barbagiovanni E.G., Strano V., Franzò G., Crupi I., Mirabella S.
Applied Physics Letters – 2015

Polarization shaping of Poincar̩ beams by polariton oscillations

Colas D., Dominici L., Donati S., Pervishko A.A., Liew T.C.H., Shelykh I.A., Ballarini D., De Giorgi M., Bramati A., Gigli G., Del Valle E., Laussy F.P., Kavokin A.V., Sanvitto D.
Light: Science and Applications – 2015

QM/MM MD simulations on the enzymatic pathway of the human flap endonuclease (hFEN1) elucidating common cleavage pathways to RNase H enzymes

Sgrignani J., Magistrato A.
ACS Catalysis – 2015

Quantum magnets: Break it up

Becca F., Sorella S.
Nature Physics – 2015

Quantum transport in rashba spin-orbit materials: A review

Bercioux D., Lucignano P.
Reports on Progress in Physics – 2015

Raman Measurements of Pure Hydrogen Clathrate Formation from a Supercooled Hydrogen-Water Solution

Del Rosso L., Celli M., Ulivi L.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters – 2015

Randomized circle detection with isophotes curvature analysis

De Marco T., Cazzato D., Leo M., Distante C.
Pattern Recognition – 2015

Rapid and controllable digital microfluidic heating by surface acoustic waves

Shilton R.J., Mattoli V., Travagliati M., Agostini M., Desii A., Beltram F., Cecchini M.
Advanced Functional Materials – 2015

Ratiometric Organic Fibers for Localized and Reversible Ion Sensing with Micrometer-Scale Spatial Resolution

Del Mercato L.L., Moffa M., Rinaldi R., Pisignano D.
Small – 2015

Real-space collapse of a polariton condensate

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