Resistive switching in high–density nanodevices fabricated by block copolymer self–assembly

By exploiting a bottom-up fabrication approach based on block copolymer self-assembling, we obtained the parallel production of bilayer Pt/Ti top electrodes arranged in periodic arrays over the HFO2/TiN surface, building memory devices with a diameter of 28 nm and a density of 5´1010 devices/cm2. For an electrical characterization, the sharp conducting tip of an atomic force microscope was adopted for a selective addressing of the nanodevices. The presence of devices showing high conductance in the initial state was directly connected with scattered leakage current paths in the bare oxide film, while with bipolar voltage operations we obtained reversible set/reset transitions irrespective of the conductance variability in the initial state.

Contact person: Michele Perego, IMM–CNR Agrate Brianza