Nitrogen Soaking Promotes Lattice Recovery in Polycrystalline Hybrid Perovskites

A research team from two Institutes, IMM and NANOTEC, has found a very important innovative result in the field of photovoltaics applications by using hybrid Perovskites and Nitrogen.

Hybrid Perovskites are innovative materials that are sensitive to solar light with high conversion photon-electron performances.  Nitrogen is soaked into polycrystalline MAPbI3 via a post deposition mild thermal treatment under slightly overpressure conditions to promote its diffusion across the whole layer. A significant reduction of radiative recombination and a concurrent increase of light absorption, with a maximum benefit at 80 °C, are observed.

The achieved improvements are linked to a nitrogen‐assisted recovery of intrinsic lattice disorder at the grain shells along with a simultaneous stabilization of under-coordinated Pb2+ and MA+ cations through weak electrostatic interactions. Defect mitigation under N2 is reinforced in comparison to the benchmark behaviour under argon.

Such simple and low‐cost strategy can complement other stabilizing solutions for perovskite solar cells or light‐emitting diode engineering.

Contact persons: Alessandra Alberti - IMM Catania
Silvia Colella - NANOTEC Lecce